Collavate, Powered by Google Drive for Work!

The platform of Collavate is 100% Google Drive and it saves all of the data and documents of a customer in the customer’s own Google Drive.
Today, Google announced Google Drive for Work”  at Google I/O 2014. ‘Google Drive for Work’ introduced unlimited storage space and ability to encrypt data. 

They proved again that Google Drive is the best cloud storage platform in the existing market.
Now you can enjoy the rich features of “Google Drive for Work” in Collavate.

1. Unlimited storage space
Document management in Collavate is centralized through an Google Apps account named “Document Manager”. Every documents that have gone through workflow process, documents with security levels, and documents generated by a remote drive user are saved in the central “Document Manager”’s Google Drive.
Now if you purchase “Google Drive for Work”, which is $10 per month, for your document manager’s account, not only other accounts in your domain, but also any other personal Gmail users can take advantage of unlimited storage space of “Google Drive for Work” by automatically transferring the ownership through Collavate.

2. Document activity report
Collavate’s real-time document activity report servers internal audit purpose. It sends an instant alert email message to an administrative user if it finds, in 1~2 seconds, someone creating documents without permission or an outsider looking over documents only for internal purpose. Through “Google Drive for Work”, the results of activity detection will be created as a report, so that it will be a reliable evidence document in litigation process.
To summarize, internal auditing will be satisfied through Collavate and storing a reliable evidence documents will be satisfied through “Google Drive for Work”.
3. Stronger integration to Office.
Many people use Google Docs and MS Office simultaneously. However, because of standard format of MS office files, you would have to either convert or save separately to your C drive. By using QuickOffice feature provided by “Google Drive for Work” , you will be able to edit Office files without conversion.
4. Security certification for Government, Medical, Army, Enterprise, etc. industry.
Google Drive has been providing variety of security certification processes.

“Google Drive for Work” now supports multiple types of security certification processes like below. It covers the most wide range certifications in the current market.
SSAE 16 / ISAE 3402 Type II, SOC 2-audit, ISO 27001 certification, adherence to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles, and can support industry-specific requirements like HIPAA.

Through the “Google Drive for Work” users of Collavate can now enjoy the rich features without any additional action or integration. If you would like to purchase Google Drive for Work for your organization’s Document Manager’s account, please click here to request to Collavate’s partner companies.

Thank You.