Collavate 5.1.8 Release Recap

The Collavate 5.1.8 includes improvements to existing features and fixes for known issues.

What’s Changing

Added ‘Apply all TAGs’ feature

Before, only one tag could be added to the approval, which required a lot of unnecessary loading time. With this update, you can add multiple tags at once by simply clicking the ‘Apply TAGs’ button. Users can now apply multiple tags to approval documents faster and easier.

You can apply multiple tags at once with ‘Apply TAGs’ button.

Improvement on post attachments saving location

In the previous versions of Collavate, it was difficult to find and access files that were added as comments on a post, as they could mainly be found in the “Shared with me” section of Google Drive. With this update, ownership of the files added to a post will also be transferred to the document manager’s account. Additionally,  shortcuts to each file will be automatically saved to the “Collavate Post Files” folder in My Drive, making it more convenient to access and view them.

The shortcuts to files attached to the post will be automatically saved in the “Collavate Post Files” folder in my drive.

Automatic data deletion for Collavate dormant users

Until now, when users no longer wished to use Collavate, they had to manually delete(for Single Edition) or request Collavate Support(for Business Edition) to have their data deleted. To ensure safer handling of user data, Collavate will now send notification emails regarding data deletion to users who have not logged into Collavate for over six months. If the user still does not log into Collavate after receiving the notification email, their data will be automatically deleted one month after the date of the email.

For users who have not logged into Collavate for more than 6 months, their Collavate user data will be automatically deleted.

Fixed known issues

Known issues for the current version have been resolved and improved in the Collavate 5.1.8 release. You can check the full list of improvements and fixes included in the 5.1.8 release notes.

Rollout Pace

2023/06/22 Thursday KST

Who’s impacted