Creating Document Templates in the Cloud from MS Office Files

People who are currently using Microsoft Office may worry about making a transition to Google Docs for one important reason;  

“How will I use all my existing templates on Google Docs?”

With Collavate, this is no longer a problem!

Please follow the four steps below to convert a Microsoft Word File into a Document Template Saved in the Cloud.

Step 1. Change Upload Settings

[Automatic Conversion: MS Office to Google Docs Format]

In Collavate’s [Upload] menu on the left, open the side-bar and turn the [Convert uploaded files to Google Docs format] feature on.

Step 2. Upload and Convert MS Office File

Upload the Microsoft Word file from the desktop. The format of the document will  automatically be changed to the Google Docs Format.

Of course, you can also convert MS Office files to Google Docs format in Google Drive. Converted documents will appear as the same in Collavate..

Step 3. Create Templates

With Collavate’s Templates feature, you can create a shared template for the organization or a private template for personal use. This feature not only saves the content and document formatting, but also the information about reviewers, Tags, and the editing privileges of the reviewers.

a. Shared Template

Move to the [Admin ▶ Docs Template] menu and click the [Create Shared Template] button on the right top side. Click on the [Existing Document], and select the desired document that you have uploaded to Collavate to create a Shared Template.

b. Personal Template

You can find the most recently uploaded file in the main screen of Collavate. After clicking the box next to the document, click the [Process] button. In the window, you can save the document as a saved template by clicking on the [Publish contents and members as my template] button.

Step 4. Use Templates


In the [Process] menu on the left, you can find two types of templates on a side bar, [My template] for personal use and [Shared Template] for the organization. If you select a saved template for processing, a copy of the template is created, enabling you to edit and start the approval process right away.

In the era of “Borderless Collaboration,” documents saved in different desktop formats creates inefficiencies and confusion. Collavate enables you to easily convert documents in MS Office format to Google Docs format, and save it as a template for frequent use.

For more information and guide about Collavate, please visit Collavate Training page.

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