Favorite Templates and Recent Templates

Do you find it uncomfortable to find frequently used or recently used templates in the Template list? Now, the Favorite Templates and Recent Templates features have been added.

Click the favorite star icon on the templates from all of the templates menu. You can use it in My Templates and Share Templates, All Templates menu.

The templates you have checked as favorites can be viewed in the Favorite Templates. Also, you can easily access the most recently used templates in the Recent Templates menu. 

How to use the Favorite templates:

  1.  Go to the My Templates or Shared Templates menu.
  2. Click the star icon to the left of the template you want. (If selected normally, the star icon will change to yellow.) 
  3. Templates selected as favorite templates are displayed in the Favorite Templates menu.

* If you want to remove a favorite template, click the star icon once again. (If it is turned off normally, the color of the star icon will disappear.)

How to use the Recent Templates:

The templates that are recently used from My templates or Shared Templates, and Public Templates are listed under Recent Template in the most recent order.

You can easily find and reuse the most recently used template information among numerous templates.