[Feature Updates] Reminder to Reviewers in the Approval Process; Main Screen Visibility Change

Collavate has always strived to be the solution to get your work done faster and more effectively. However, we had many requests for a reminder feature, so that users can send reminders to reviewers with the touch of a button.

We are happy to announce the release of our new reminder feature where you can setup automatic reminders* or send reminders to the current reviewer in your workflow.

* Reminder Setting is only available to the Collavate Administrator

The Automatic Reminder Setting

By going to the Workflow Settings, you can setup the Automatic Reminders that will be sent in 3~15 day intervals. Custom messages for the automatic interval can be setup with a feature to include the submitter (originator) as a CC.

[Interval of Automatic Reminder can be adjusted]

[Automatic Reminder message setting]

Sending Reminder Manually When Needed

By going to the In-Progress Menu, you can see the documents that you have approved and are waiting to be approved.  At the Submitted Menu, you can see documents you have submitted, and you can send reminder emails to the current reviewer(s) in the workflow.

[Send a reminder to the next reviewer of the documents you received]

[Send a reminder to the next reviewer of your submitted document]

When an automatic reminder is sent from Collavate, reviewers will instantly receive the email as shown below:

Security Level Visibility Change

Previously, to see the Security Level of a document, you had press the [Hide TAGs] button. We wanted to increase the information you can view at a glance so now you can view the Security Level of a document at the home screen without having to hide tags.

Thank you, and Happy Collavating!
Your Collavate Team.

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