[Webinar Announcement] Collavate for Europe & Asia, Collavate for the World


Collavate Team has been hosting monthly live webinar for the past four months to show how Collavate works and what value Collavate can give to your business.

But the webinar has been scheduled to suite time zones near PST (Pacific Standard Time), and this made it hard to join the live webinar on time at a long distance.

For this reason, we are planning to host the live webinar for Collavate users across Europe and Asia. If you would like to join the webinar, please see information below and get registered now!


Traditionally, complex document workflow has been costly and caused inefficiency in many business environments. If this is happening in your workplace, now is the time to change and boost up your productivity. See how you can streamline your document workflow with Collavate during the upcoming webinar:

1) Create & Upload Document in a Single Place

  • Create Document through Collavate
  • Upload Documents using Collavate (Converting to Google Docs Format)
  • Use Document Templates

2) Don’t Miss Important Documents with Approval Process

  • Parallel and Vertical Approval Process
  • Various options in the Approval Process

3) Keep Everything Organized

  • Automatic Centralization of Document in the Organization
  • Create and Use TAGs

  • When: Thursday, August 27, 2015
  • Time: Schedule varies according to each time zone (See a register form below)
  • Duration: 20 min (Approximately)
  • Where: Online Meeting Room – Gotomeeting

Once you are registered, the Collavate Team will send you an exclusive invitation email. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank You,

Your Collavate Team

“Drive your Collaboration”


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