Improved document numbering for reprocessing documents.

From the Collavate 5.1.0 version, document numbering of the reprocess document has been changed.

Previously, when the document is resubmitted after rejection or any reason, the new number is added and it may have caused confusion since the document itself is the same but the title is modified for approval.

Now, the number is maintained for the same document, a new number is added only when it’s copied.

Here’s comparison table:

Initially submitted documentDocument number upon resubmitCopied docuemnt / Numbering upon resubmit
Old version[2021-06-0001] Title of the document[2021-06-0002] Title of the document[2021-06-0003] Title of the document
Current[2021-06-0001] Title of the document [2021-06-0001] Title of the document[2021-06-0002] Title of the document