Introducing Collavate’s New Reports Data-Loss Prevention Service

Collavate DLP function preview

Top Security for your Google Drive

Collavate was designed and created to meet demanding security regulations for the usage of Google Drive for confidentiality and business operations. The security measure requirements include having all activities detected in real-time. Activities including: creating, viewing, editing, changing, and transferring the ownership of files, to specifically meet the needs of operations for our vast clientele, even meeting demands for those that were in charge of prestigious financial companies.

The urgent need for top security of Google Drive activities led to work collaboration between the Collavate development team and the Google Drive team. Last year, Google released a portion of the real-time activities notification and Collavate provided a portion of the real-time detection feature for large company clients that were Google apps domain users on a project basis. Collavate’s real-time activities report was used to work in isolation through an custom development project.

We are proud to announce that we have further developed the real-time activities report. It is now a comprehensive data loss prevention solution for Google Drive files available for Collavate Business Users. The features have extended to ensure compliance with regulations such as detecting social security numbers and account number patterns automatically in real-time to locate indications of account compromise and combat external release of valuable information. The Report feature is currently being released in beta version.

Three Main feature of Google Drive DLP

  1. Real-time Activity Report

The Reports feature delivers an activity overview of all users in the Google apps domain for the administrator. Administrators are able to view an updated activity log of document actions for eDiscovery and combat suspicious activity. This real-time report solution is an effective differentiation from other competitor’s security measures that reports on time intervals or days.

  1. Real-time detection and prevention

Our data-loss prevention deploys across large infrastructure with security measures including real-time detection of keywords, prevention information leakage, specified trigger actions, and isolating data at risk. A company user’s Google app account password, or a social security number entered in Google Drive files can immediately be isolated and predefined preventative actions can be taken such as an automated Account Manager notification with a stop to the external release of the information, or an automatic ownership transfer of the document.

Seen below, once a specified expression (social security number) has been detected, and a governed automated policy action is taken. Settings include automatic ownership of file transfer, transferring document with removal of permission access, renaming the document, or send an email alert.

The administrator can register a keyword or expression of preference and designate an automated process (Ex. Isolation etc.), as shown below.

The detected keyword or expressions will be recorded and can be extracted onto a  Google Spreadsheet.

  1. Google Drive Usage trends and Diagnosis

Real-time detection and prevention of endangered activities recorded can be analyzed with the Google Drive Usage trends feature to prevent external information release accidents. This Google Drive Usage trends analysis can be used as an analysis report for overview of domain trends.

Collavate’s data-loss prevention extended coverage provides data detection for both the internal organization users, external Gmail users, and users of other domains with shared documents with your organization users. Currently, there is DLP equipment available to provide keyword detection of SSL Packets for company networks internally, but there are is no DLP equipment available that is able to detect the keyword of Google’s SSL data packet in Google Drive.

Using Collavate’s DLP feature will provide the detection, prevention, and isolation of Google Drive activities within 2-3 seconds. This is a feature that even costly DLP network equipment cannot perform. Additionally, our company partner, Netkiller Inc., provides a Google Apps SSO integrated login service. The product Netkiller ID (Killer ID) and SSL Proxy Network, enables regulation of all employees on in-house network to login onto predesignated Google apps only. External users can also be restricted from accessing the company’s Google apps through VPN.

Collavate Reports DLP has been released in beta form and therefore is still developing. We will provide a 14-day trial of our DLP feature for enterprises upon request. Request a trial here!

Protect your organization and business operations with top Google Drive’s documents safety with Collavate’s Report data-loss prevention security measures. We are happy to assist you with your operation needs. Contact us today!

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