Collavate is proudly listed in Google Apps Marketplace “New & Notable” App

The Collavate team is excited to announce that Collavate has been chosen by Google to be featured as a “Notable App” partner in the Google Apps Marketplace! Currently there are only 13 apps that have been picked by Google to be listed in the New & Notable section among 750 apps.

The New & Notable apps section of the Google Marketplace launched in June 2016 to help businesses find third-party applications, integrations, and extensions to further extend the possibilities and functionality of Google apps. The Google Apps Marketplace has been the number one leading source for businesses to search for third-party applications.

The Google for Work official blog states, “with hundreds of popular apps to choose from, it’s sometimes hard for customers to discover the newest and most innovative ones.” -Rahul Sood, Managing Director, Apps and Search for Work

With the New & Notable section in the Google Apps Marketplace, it now makes searching for the latest and greatest third-party applications for Google Apps easier and faster than ever before. As Sood from Google states, if you’re on the hunt for killer apps to help you get more done with Google Apps, the New & Notable section of the Google Marketplace is a great place to start.

Collavate is built on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and the application serves as an Enterprise Content Management solution with an advanced publishing approval workflow with Enterprise Social Networking features. It is designed to enhance business productivity and team communication.

Recently, Collavate has internally released Data-Loss Prevention (DLP) features for Google Drive files to expand document security and system functions to further keep files and valuable information safe. These Data-Loss Prevention features enable Business users to operate with ease knowing they have preventative security measures to keep critical information from leaving their business domain externally.

Collavate opened its doors in 2014 and our application is currently used by over 7,000 companies including Google, Salesforce, Virgin Cruises, and Motorola with 1 million subscribers from 101 different countries. We thank our users and our team is committed to assisting you throughout your operations with Collavate!

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