Modifying Group CC approval line is now available

Before it was unable to modify approver once the reference process for Group CC’d users already started out, which made users to submit the same process again in order to submit the Group CC process to other users.

To solve this, we have added an option to the admin console which allows users to modify Group CC approvers in the middle of the process. Collavate administrators can now activate this feature to allow users in your organization to use this feature. We hope this feature would help provide approval services that are suitable for various companies with different cultural backgrounds.

Rollout pace

Collavate 5.1.9

Who’s impacted

Collavate admin, Normal users

How to use

Administrator: Collavate administrators can set until when users can modify the approval line information and who can edit the information.

Administrators can activate this feature in the Admin > Process menu.

Normal users: Users who are participating in the Group CC approval process can add or delete approvers in the approval line by clicking the edit button in the More menu.

Normal users can edit the approval line while the process is in progress according to the admin settings.