Upcoming updates: Upgrading Collavate data integrity and service reliability at scale

We have made substantial improvements to our data integrity and service reliability in Collavate 5.1.7. In this broad update are included more than improvements related to overall Collavate process and post features.

Inspect ownership and deletion of documents with ‘Document Validation’

Every file users submit through Collavate is automatically saved to the “document manager” Google Drive. Due to the inherent nature of Google Drive, documents and files in Google Drive can be easily accessed and changed by administrators or document owners. For instance, important documents can be deleted accidentally or intentionally by a user.

Document validation adds an extra layer to Collavate data security by cross-checking the document manager Google Drive status based on file information saved when initially submitted. 

The document validation feature allows document managers to regularly inspect the ownership and deletion of approved files as they are securely saved in Google Drive. You can also download the reports through email in spreadsheet format. | Learn more.

Enhance your data integrity with Collavate Document Validation.

Change titles for already submitted documents

Collavate didn’t allow reviewers to change the document title for the data reliability of documents. Until now, the title of the approval document in Collavate was fixed as the title of the document submitted. Recently, the flat organizational culture within the company has become broadly accepted, requiring reviewers to participate actively in the document collaboration process, away from the role of just reviewing. In line with this trend, we are now updating Collavate to allow not just submitters but also reviewers to change the title of the document.

Export approved documents with attachments

We have come to notice that many of our users prefer to export documents in classic style. Now, you can also print your approved documents with attachments in the classic style.