10 Reason Why Companies Need Workflow Systems

During the course of business, companies have certain requirements that must be met.  How they accomplish the task can be done the hard way or simplified which save time and money.  Let’s take a look at the top reasons companies need workflow systems.

Improved Collaboration
Collaboration is a must for businesses.  From the office to clients and business-to-business dealings, it’s imperative that people work together and that they do so efficiently.  A workflow system is a platform where employees can quickly locate projects and provide feedback.  There are many access points where your team can communicate with one another.  This improved collaboration feature allows for transparency within the group too.

Digital Trail

How much time do your team members spend trying to locate a document?  Think of the time it takes to store a document and then to find it again when it’s needed.  Digital copies of all files are stored plus automatic updates occur on all workflow processes.  Imagine how much easier that would make everyone’s life?

Eliminated Redundancies

When any member on your team repeats something another has done, it is a waste of time and money.  The same is true for all the time spent on inner-office mail, emails and phone calls.  In the workflow system, when a task is completed, it is immediately routed to the next worker.  All the in-between time is saved and can be spent more constructively.

Meet Deadlines

When you use workflow, tasks can be assigned and deadlines can be set.  The system ensure that all employees are provided a clear outline of tasks they are to complete and when the task is due.  Employees are automatically reminded which helps ensure no work falls through the cracks.

Insights to Business Processes

When decision-makers are busy, the flow of work tends to get bottlenecked and congested.  But with workflow systems, administrators can determine where input is required and also keeps them up to date with the activities of different employees.
Increased Accountability

It never seems to fail that certain employees stay swamped while others sit idle.  Whether it is by coincidence or done on purpose, Workflow systems can remedy the issue.  Employees can assign tasks based on the busyness of the employee and work can be evenly distributed across the board.

Creates Structure

Structure keeps businesses in business.  If you don’t have the safety net of structure, you are likely to fall apart.  Implementing a workflow system brings you up to speed with what your team members are doing.  You are required to have a clear understanding of each employee’s role within the company in order to even set workflow systems up.  Doing so will allow you to conduct extensive research and to identify gaps in the flow of work within your company and workflow systems will help you create a more efficient and profitable structure.

Reduces Financial Bookkeeping

Do you have any idea how much it costs you to have a bookkeeper?  Many companies have heavy financial work that must be transcripted during each and every step of a process.  Others may have simpler bookkeeping needs but even those can be costly.  Not only can a workflow system automatically update databases and perform features that will save you from paying a bookkeeper to do the job, they reduce user error too.

Organizes Work

The act of organizing can be a grueling, time consuming task in itself.  A workflow systems handles the organizing for you.  It aggregates lists of tasks that need to be completed and automatically updates the list.  Your employees will be reminded of their tasks at hand and they can easily submit their feedback, any questions they have and their updated work straight to their superiors.


One of the best features about workflow systems in that it allows for sharing.  Administrators can retrieve detailed descriptions of activities among their employees.  The information obtained can then be shared with customers of partner organizations.

Collavate is an approval workflow system that is cloud based.  It is fully integrated with Google Drive.  If you have gmail email or a business G Suite account, all you have to do is sign up for the free app to initiate workflow from Google Docs files or any other file in Google Drive. No chrome extension or any third party plugin installation required.