5 Tips to Centralize Files for Companies via Google Drive

Google Drive can make your work life much easier.  With Drive, your team can stay connected and collaborate seamlessly. Here are five tips to help you centralize your company files with Google Drive:
Workflow File Ownership Transfer to Company

Maintaining sharing and ownership privileges can be confusing while processing workflow files.  File viewing and editing privileges must be constantly updated as users request feedback from superiors and as files are slated for completion.  
However, the process can be made simple through Google Drive.  File ownership can be transferred to a company folder in order to streamline the workflow process.  Doing so allows files to be viewable by appropriate company employees and enforces administrator privileges across all of the files.
Document Templates for Company Forms

While growing a business, there are a multitude of forms that must repetitively be filled out, such as budget statements, leave requests and financial vouchers.  By creating document templates for such files, employees can locate and access these templates with ease.  This decreases the amount of time wasted on contacting and coordinating with the appropriate superior.
Home Folders for Workplace Folders with File Upload and Creation Abilities
Security is a growing concern for many companies, especially those that come in contact with sensitive user information. Because of that, it is imperative to prevent data leakages of company files. Document centralizing is one major strategy—implementing a home folder for your company with file upload and creation abilities prevents the presence of external files.  Centralizing your documents allows administrators to set up security privileges across all files and makes it easier for employees to access relevant files.
Remote Workers File Ownership

While collaborating with external users such as contract workers, business partners, or even remote workers, employees must be careful about sharing and distributing files. In order to protect user information, these files should be owned and maintained by a company administrator. By centralizing files within the company, administrators can prevent sensitive information from being distributed by third-party entities.
File Feed to Streamline User Activity

Finally, by centralizing files, administrators can easily access a file feed. Through organizing all files under company ownership, files activity history and sharing status can be accessed. This allows the administrators to gain a high-level overview of file security status
Google Drive can greatly simplify your collaboration and make it easier for team members to work together in the most efficient and secure ways possible.  Knowing these five tips will help you better understand how to utilize and maximize the benefits Google Drive has in store for you and your company.