Add to Favorities for your Google Docs Workflow

Frequently Collaborating with your Team? Add them as a Favorite Group for quick Processing!

Collavate is great for Collaboration. The application has many specialized features great for drafting, team reviewing, editing, and approval of documents.

For users that often collaborate with the same line of people, it is convenient to add them as a group of “favorites” so that you can quick select the stream of reviewers within one click for future processing of files.

After you have selected your desired reviewers and have given them the appropriate editing accessing permission, you can then select “Add to Favorites” and enter in a name for your team.

When you
[Save as Draft] or [Start Process], your team of reviewers will be grouped as a favorite for quick access from then on.

Please refer to the example below:

After saving my line of reviewers as “Collavate Team”, I can now find my saved line of reviewers within the drop down menu when Selecting Reviewers.

My grouped “Favorites” will appear and by clicking on the desired team I want to process my document to, the line of reviewers will instantly be streamlined for me and I can quickly [Start Process] after.

Collaboration requires teamwork. With the “favorites” feature, quickly process documents and files to your team!

Happy Collavating!

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