Reset and Edit Submitted Google Workflow Documents

When a Draft is processed for reviewal but it was submitted to the wrong reviewer(s), or you need to add additional reviewer(s), you simply can do so with the Reset and Edit features. This allows flexibility of documents that are in-process.

You can find these features by going to the
[Process] tab located on the left sidebar menu within Collavate, scroll down to Send Docs and select [Submitted].
Here you will find the documents that you have submitted for reviewal that are awaiting approvals.

If you need to add or remove reviewers, you can do so by utilizing the button.

To cancel the approval process of a document, you can select the button.


I have a document of Meeting Notes that I have already submitted for Processing but there is another user I wish to add to be able to be in my line of reviewers.

  1. Select the [Process] tab located on the left sidebar menu within Collavate
  2. Under Sent Docs, Select Submitted
  3. Within your Submitted docs list, Select the document you wish you Reset/Edit
  4. is used to cancel the approval process. is used to add or remove reviewers

Since I need to add another user to my line of reviewers, I am going to select on step 4. Selecting edit will open my selected submitted document in a pop-up window. I can now add or remove users.

Demonstrated below is how to add a user. Once you enter in the user, press enter and the added user’s editing permission will be enabled. Then simply select
[Save / Update]!

To remove a reviewer from the approval process, click the red delete icon located to the right of the reviewers name. Select [Save / Update] to apply changes.

For more, you can read about
Approval Process Cancellation / Editing here.

Thank you and Happy Collavating!

-The Collavate Team

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