Boost communication in Google Drive Workflow with Collavate “Post” features

Boost communication in Google Drive Workflow with Collavate Post features

Introducing Collavate Post

Collavate is proud to announce the release of our integrated Post feature that companies and organizations can utilize for team and project discussion purposes.

Collavate is an approval workflow application for Google Drive. You can initiate workflows from your Google Docs or Drive’s user interface.  Collavate facilitates teamwork and, now, with our Post feature we take teamwork and collaboration to another level!

Effective communication is vital to carrying out successful projects, publishing, and meeting end goals.  With Collavate Post, users can have active discussions, share ideas, and further collaborate as never before.

Post allows users to instantly log on and catch up with his/her team and colleagues by checking the activity that has taken place on the post page while they were away. Collavate Post keeps all users in the loop while allowing room for brainstorming and reaching consensus decisions.

Users of the domain can share thoughts by posting on the dashboard or by process files directly from the Post page.

The Power of Collavate’s Post

A user can find many uses for Post, such as:

  • Create project related posts
  • Display files in-process by submitters
  • Promote active discussions
  • Fast feedback
  • Tag colleagues within posts
  • Attach files to posts
  • Post statuses regarding files
  • Upload files for approval
  • Edit, approve, or reject files
  • Reset or edit submitted drafts
  • Easy overview of activity

User-Friendly Interface

The Post dashboard is designed to enhance teamwork and communication within organizations. We have made sure that Post is intuitive and user-friendly. Post is simple and easy to use, but users will find many uses within the post page and find it convenient for collaboration.


Notifications will appear at the top right of your screen.

Clicking on the notification message will bring you to the file on the Post.

Here on the Post page, as a reviewer of the file, you can: Review, Approve, or Reject the file. You can also leave a comment on the post to start a discussion and attach additional files with the clip icon located in the comment box.

Notification settings can be managed within the “Update My Profile” menu located in the top right of your Collavate screen.

The “Notification Settings” tab allows customized alert settings. A user can change each desired notification for specific actions. They can be changed to: Notification only, Email only, Notification & Email, or None.

Remember to click “Save Profile to start Collavate!” at the bottom of the settings page to apply changes.

How it works: Business Use Cases

Post is only available in the Business and Enterprise Editions of Collavate.  Here’s how it works: A company user can post within Post and make it viewable by all users within the domain.

By commenting, attaching files, and posting evolving ideas, team productivity is increased. Collaborate from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device from anywhere. Post is a speedy, convenient solution to a team’s communication needs.

Document Approval status, histories, and commenting activity all can be viewed within Post. Simply put, Post is your dashboard for workflow and discussion activities.

Post in another example of how we continuously strive to provide our clients with more value and better tools to make your collaboration easier and more effective.   We are here to assist our users with any questions. Chat with our specialists within the lower right chat box on or email us at

Thank you and Happy Collavating!

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