Delegating Admin Privileges to Multiple Users

One person can’t do it all.  At Collavate Inc., we are huge advocators of Teamwork and Collaboration.  We considered the fact that many companies have multiple managers, different departments, and more than just one individual overseeing employees. Companies need more than just one Administrative account.

This is why with the Collavate Business or Enterprise Edition, we enable the ability of domains to delegate Administrative Account Privileges to multiple accounts and users.  It is easy to designate a user account as either“Administrative” or “Normal” in the Admin menu of the User Management settings.

  1. Locate the Admin Menu on the left sidebar
  2. Select User Management
  3. Select a user
  4. Click Change Privilege for drop down menu
  5. Select Admin or Normal

In this demonstration, David Smith’s user account was selected and his privilege was changed to Admin.  A green checkmark will instantly appear under the “ADMIN” category to show that his admin status has been activated.

Admin status can be delegated to multiple user accounts. Business and Enterprise edition users can feel free to change the privilege setting of users as needed.

Happy Collavating!