Workspace folder for better collaboration for workflow files in Google Drive

New Collavate Release: “Home Folder” feature for workspace folder

Collavate has launched the “Home Folder” feature for all Business Edition users. The Home folder allows a centralized folder created or selected by a Collavate administrator. When a home folder is set, the folder is viewable to all domain users within the Home menu.

A Collavate administrator can create or select an existing a folder within Google Drive containing necessary documents and files to set as the Home Folder for users. The Home Folder can be set by copying and pasting the Google Drive Folder link onto the “Home Folder” field located within the admin menu settings.

Any files created or added to the Home Folder by the Collavate administrator, that is the original owner of the Home Folder, will update accordingly to the changes made for all users to see. Domain users can upload or create new files to the Home Folder, but the ownership will automatically be transferred to the Collavate administrator, the original owner of the Home Folder.

Set “Home Folder” for your users

  1. Create or select a Google Drive folder to get started
  2. Copy the full address bar link of the Google Drive Folder
  3. In the Collavate menu, Select Admin > Domain Settings
  4. Paste Google Drive folder link in “Home Folder” field
  5. Click Save Settings

Step by Step

Copy full address bar link to Google Drive folder

In Collavate menu, select Admin > Domain Settings

Paste Google Drive address bar link into “Home Folder” field and click Save Settings

Click Home menu top left to view your new Home Folder set for all users.

Setting a “Home Folder” will display the Google Drive folder for all users to utilize from their home menu. If the “Home Folder” field is left blank within the admin settings, the user’s personal “My Drive” folder from Google Drive appears instead.

Set your Home Folder for your users today and Happy Collavating!

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