Build Workflows with Collavate for G Suite

Many company processes in the business world can be defined by cyclical sequences of operations. By analyzing the workflow of your business, you can eliminate redundancies to maximize efficiency. Your workflow solution will help you to evaluate critical points of activity, and allow you to set deadlines, and add participants to resolve time-consuming problems.

In addition to improving efficiency, building a workflow solution defines company structure. Each task is delegated to an individual job level, which gives managers insight and control over the business process. Moreover, each employee’s tasks are clearly defined, easing the employee turnover process.
A third benefit of establishing workflow within a business is creating a digital process of action. Workflow software maintains and organizes files, automatically routes tasks, and alerts employees of upcoming deadlines. Employees may also track activity to revert back to previous work. Workflow solutions also help remote employees to work without a decline in efficiency—tasks are automatically submitted for review and brought to the manager’s notice when complete.
Finally, workflow solutions maintain transparency within the company. Employees may see the revisions made to submitted projects, as well as feedback from other employees. All file activity and tasks are organized, and employers may easily track employee activity. Workflow solutions ultimately help to encourage collaboration by streamlining company processes and allowing all employees to see ongoing projects and comment.
Collavate’s workflow solution is a cloud-based application completely integrated with Google Drive. With Collavate, you can manage your files and workflow in a secure environment. By using Collavate, you can enable conformity to deadlines, greater collaboration among employees, and a digital trail of company activities.
You can start a workflow in Collavate with just one click. Under the process tab, click “Start Process” to select files to process for workflow. You can even add reviewers by typing “@[User name/email]” and leaving behind a message!
An alternate method to start a workflow process is from the Home menu by clicking the “Process” tab to the right of the “Write Post” tab. Then, select files and add reviewers by typing “@[User name/email]”. You can also leave a message for reviewers!