Why Your Organization Needs A Data Loss Prevention Solution

A top concern in today’s data-driven world is the need for security when protecting sensitive assets in the cloud. As data grows at an exponential rate, so has the number of data loss incidents. Regardless of industry type and organization size, losing sensitive data and other forms of confidential information can lead to grave consequences.

Consequence of Data Loss Incidents

Data loss incidents negatively impact brand reputations, finances, and business operations. Recent news stories have shown that organizations that encounter data loss incidents are highly scrutinized by the media and the public, and may therefore lose customers and business. Due to lost business, high response costs, and competitive disadvantages, data loss incidents also have costly financial impacts. Business operations are also disrupted when employees must be diverted from strategic initiatives to work on damage limitation and security solutions. Clearly, data loss incidents are costly, both in terms of money and time, across businesses of all sizes and types.

Data Protection Measures

An increasing number of organizations are using data loss prevention (DLP) solutions to prevent data loss. DLP solutions involve tools that monitor, identify, and protect electronic data as it moves to, from, and through an organization. One such solution is Collavate DLP, which has many of the same features as G Suite Enterprise DLP, as well as additional features that improve enterprise security measures.
Features of Collavate DLP
1. Real-time Activity Report
The Activity Report provides an overview of all user activities, and allows administrators to view activity logs of document actions and combat suspicious activity. Unlike security measures from other competitors, Collavate DLP provides real-time reports, rather than reports by time intervals or days.
2. Real-time Detection and Prevention
Collavate DLP also provides real-time detection of keywords, information leakage, trigger actions, and at-risk data. User information in Drive files, such as account passwords or social security numbers, are immediately detected and isolated. Then, predefined preventative actions can be taken, such as an automated notification to the document manager to stop external release of the information, or an automatic ownership transfer of the document. Other automated actions include removing permission access, renaming the document, or sending an email alert.

Comparing Collavate DLP with G Suite Enterprise DLP

Collavate DLP provides features beyond G Suite Enterprise DLP’s offerings that improve data security. For instance, Collavate DLP provides keyword detection across all indexable Google Drive files, including shared files from external users. Thus, DLP coverage is extended to documents shared by users from other domains. Additionally, Collavate DLP is supported on all G Suite editions, including G Suite Basic, G Suite Business and G Suite for Education, whereas the G Suite DLP is only for the G Suite Enterprise edition, which provides tremendous cost savings.
Undoubtedly, the need for protection against data loss is growing in today’s business world. DLP solutions like Collavate DLP will protect your organization’s data and business operations, and ensure top security for all your Google Drive activities.
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