Centralized Organization of Process-Approval Workflow Files for Google Drive

Companies and organizations often process many files across their domain. Many users and employees process drafts for review and approval to different individuals and teams. Multiple files are sent and distributed in different directions, and to centralize all documents that are processed through the approval workflow, Collavate has a Document Manager position feature available for the Business Edition.

Document Manager position

The Document Manager master account is automatically given ownership of processed documents when any user within the organization submits a document for the process approval workflow. This enables the Document Manager to have a safe and centralized safekeeping of documents across the organization. All in-process and approved files can be found within the Document Manager’s Google Drive “Collavate” folder.

Users that submit their documents and files through the approval process will still have access to the files if they check the box “Maintain initial access privileges of reviewers and myself” before selecting the Process button. However, as soon as the document is processed, the ownership of the file is automatically transferred to the Document Manager of the domain and can be found within the account’s Google Drive “Collavate” folder.

Assign another user as Document Manager

Collavate Business Edition automatically appoints the Super Google Apps Administrator that installs Collavate application from the Google Marketplace as the Document Manager. While the Collavate Administrator can grant admin privileges to multiple user accounts, there can only be 1 Document Manager to keep all processed documents safe and centralized. Since there can only be 1 Document Manager, the position can be changed and granted to another user account within the Admin settings.

  1. Click [Admin] settings tab
  2. Select [Domain Settings]
  3. Enter in user account email to give the Document Manager position to
  4. Click [Save Settings] to apply changes

The new Document Manager will find that all files that are processed by users in the domain can be found in the “Collavate” folder in their Google Drive. The folder is a centralized safekeeping of files that are processed in the domain.

This feature is beneficial for both small and large companies that desire centralization of paperwork and workflow approvals. The Document Manager acts as a master account that automatically receives processed documents without having to be involved in the line of reviewers. It can collect all files being processed and have all productivity by users automatically collected in one place.

Use the Document Manager Feature to your company’s advantage!

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