Collavate 5.0 New User Role: Template Manager

“Template Managers,” a new user role, can manage the company’s document templates even if they are not a Collavate administrator. You can check the added user rights in the Admin> User Management menu.

Previously, only Collavate administrators were able to edit, delete, or create Templates for your organization.  Now, with the user designation of “Template Manager,” other users are able to perform these tasks. 

Collavate template manader role setting

Users designated as “Template Managers” can create, modify, and delete shared templates within your domain.

It is difficult for one Collavate admin to manage all of the templates if the company, especially when there are several departments, or if there are many shared templates used in the company.

Collavate Administrators can designate a Template Manager for each department, allowing them to create and manage templates for their specific needs.