Collavate app for Slack release

Collavate in Slack

Collavate is now available in Slack. Slack is a team collaboration tool used by many companies around the world, with the goal of replacing email with team messaging.  Collavate has developed a connector that allows Slack users to easily review and approve workflow documents initiated through Collavate within Slack platform.

The “Collavate” app can be downloaded from the Slack App Directory.

Collavate listing in Slack App Directory

Search COLLAVATE in the app directory and install it.

Afterwards, when Slack is launched, Collavate channel is added on the list, and documents that have been submitted to or received from the Collavate are displayed under activity feed.

Collavate app in Slack

You can view the workflow status detail feed which includes comments, document title, approval status, name of submitter, sent time, and links to documents.

To view the workflow document, you can check it on Google Drive by clicking the document link. After completing the review, you can complete the review process by clicking the Approve or Reject button.

When the workflow is completed, an email notification is sent to the stakeholders and updated in both Collavate and Slack platforms.

Simply put, you can continue to use collaboration with Slack and Collavate as a workflow addon.