Utilizing QR codes for workflow documents

QR codes in Collavate workflow document

Barcodes have become very commonly used nowadays. You see them on consumable goods, gift cards, labels, and practically everywhere from grocery stores, retail stores, and many other places.

A QR code is one of several types of barcodes, and a QR code can store more information in a two-dimensional configuration compared to a one-dimensional barcode capable of numeric or character information. QR codes are very useful when sharing documents such as invoices, contracts, and records. Any digital asset can be securely and easily accessible via QR code. 

Collavate generates a QR code when printing workflow documents in PDF format. This allows you to instantly access the Collavate app with the QR code when it is recognized as a smartphone camera. 

Using Collavate QR codes has the following advantages:

1. Check the difference between the digital version and the permanent version of the PDF file. Through this, it is possible to determine which document is the latest version and that it is authentic.

2. In order to enhance the security and integrity of PDF’s, you can access the backup copy of the digital documents at any time. You can also check the change history of the digital documents, and see who made the changes. 

3. If management prefers to print and pay on paper rather than use a digital payment, the digital version can be processed and recorded, as a proxy payment or prepayment.

4. In addition, you can modify the PDF output document or check the digital electronic payment document through a QR code scan to check more detailed information, so it can be used as a relay between offline and online documents.

Even if you scan with a QR code, there is no security problem because users who are not authorized to access payment info will not be able to access the digital document.

To use this feature, select ‘Export to PDF’ from the sidebar on the right side of Collavate for documents that are being paid or have been paid.

When printing to PDF is completed, you can see that the following QR is inserted on the first page. You can now access the electronic payment document at any time with this QR code.