Perform Workflow Action from Google Drive (No Chrome Extension needed)

It is becoming easier than ever to collaborate on Collavate now that the Google Drive add-on for Workflow has been introduced. The most recent improvement is a feature that is already proving to be quite popular worldwide and is simple to initiate.
Google Drive is a platform that, among other features, provides document collaboration and Cloud storage.  It is commonly used to create and to share documents.  File storage and synchronization are other excellent  services that are offered on Google Drive.

Collavate is the only workflow add-on for Google Drive. The Cloud-based collaboration suite enables teams to connect and work together on Google Drive.  It is appreciated for providing collaborators with workflow for documents, top-notch security, and archiving applications and is conveniently compatible with Google Drive and G Suite.
Initiating the Google Drive add-on for Workflow is a cinch and takes very little time to do.  In order to get started, you will first need to install the Collavate Google Drive add-on.

After you have installed the add-on, simply go to the list of files and select the particular file you wish to work with.  Find the Collavate icon on the right-hand sidebar and select it.  At this point, the Workflow screen will appear.

On the Workflow screen, a Group number will be shown which will define the order of multiple approvers on the project.  In Group #1, enter the name or email of the approver who is submitting the document. This is the primary approver.  The secondary approver’s name or email will be submitted to Group #2.  If the project requires parallel approval, approvers can be added in the same manner by selecting the [+] button.

With the approvers added, scroll down and press the button marked “Submit for Approval”.  This activates a notification to be issued to all Group #1 recipients.

Launch the Collavate app by clicking the “Open in Collavate” button.  The document which is being created will be on the left.  Those who are designated to approve it will appear on the right of the screen.  Advanced options will then be available, like payment documents, access rights settings, comment enabling, adding tags, and deadline specification.

Once the process has been initiated, an email notification will be sent to the approver who can open the document and then review the work.  Those who are stakeholders in the project can exchange their input during the workflow process as well.  The project can be approved when it is found to be satisfactory.  

Collavate is always looking to the future to find more ways to help collaborators efficiently and effectively work with their team to reach great heights while minimizing  the time and effort it takes to do so.  The release of a Google Drive add-on that will enable tagging and tag management is on the horizon.  We will keep you posted on that and other innovative Collavate developments as they are released.