Collavate enhances Team Communication for Advanced Collaborative Workflow for Google Drive

Collavate is transitioning its Home screen to our new integrated Post Dashboard.  Home posts provide companies and organizations a true collaborative experience and opportunity to utilize for team and project discussions.

Now, when you launch Collavate, you will be able to instantly collaborate with colleagues and have an overview of all activities that has taken place on a project while you were away.

Collavate’s new menu interface

The new Home screen brings everyone together!
Effective communication and collaboration is vital for carrying out successful projects and meeting end goals.  The new Home screen will take teamwork and collaboration to another level.  Now with this update, users can have active discussions, share ideas, and work together right from the Collavate Home screen.

Your project workflow will now appear on the Home screen so you can take action directly from the Home screen, and you can easily broadcast and share ideas across the domain. With all the features it provides, your Home menu will be the centralized place for all of your active discussions and work activities!

Easy to Use

Collavate’s new Home menu is designed to enhance teamwork and communication within organizations. We have made sure the new Home menu is intuitive and user-friendly. The many features of the Post dashboard makes collaboration easy and convenient.


If you are mentioned in a post, or if a team member took any action while you were away, you will be notified in the top right corner.

Clicking on the notification message will bring you directly to the file on Home.

Thank you and Happy Collavating!

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