Enterprise Social Networking App with Workflow for Google Drive gains momentum for Team Collaboration

Enterprise Social Networking Applications have gained value to increase Business productivity and collaboration and have become popular for its encouragement of teamwork. The focus of Enterprise Social Networking apps is to essentially make it easier for users and colleagues to easily work together with software functions that help carry out effective business sharing and synergy. Businesses and enterprises using Enterprise Social Networking apps for Google Drive greatly connects colleagues and makes it more organized to navigate the movement of documents.

To choose the best suited Enterprise Social Networking application, consider a software application that meets your security requirements, provides desired features for your organization, and integrates with your formatted content.

Enterprise Social Networking apps for team collaboration for businesses and organizations using Google Drive requires integration to google docs to instantly chat with team members regarding files in working-progress to execute operations and other stored data. An Enterprise Social Network platform combining social networking services with team communication features with a Document Approval Workflow streamline feature helps teams effectively draft, communicate, actively edit and review documents, and come to consensus decisions on files produces best outcome results.

There are three essential components to an effective Enterprise Social Networking application to increase productivity and enhance teamwork. Security, team communication features, and file compatibility.


Safely collaborate within your organization. Your data should never be stored on third party application server making your work activity completely private and safely secured on your Google Drive cloud. A secure workspace is essential for team collaboration and has become a necessity requirement for an effective application for Enterprise Social Networking. Confidently operate knowing your data remains within your Google Drive cloud.

Team collaboration features with Approval Workflow

Enterprise Social Networking app with an approval workflow process handles all stages of documentation approval from creation to publication with several more features for easy team collaboration in the application. Team collaboration features include: posting ideas, tagging colleagues, commenting, file sharing, notifications, and a personalized Home feed to display work activity of files relevant to the user. Workflow processes that the user is involved in can be viewed from the Home feed making work activity easy to keep track of.

Google Drive Integrated

Document format compatibility is important for the smooth flow of document approvals. With many organizations heavily using Google Drive to store data, it is helpful to have an Enterprise Social Networking app that is integrated to the user’s own Google Drive. For documents that are not in Google Docs format, settings can easily convert other doc formats to Google Docs.  

Work and team collaboration becomes easier with Collavate, an Enterprise Social Network Application with Publishing Workflow. Collavate provides the essential Enterprise Social Networking components and features to meet strategic business achievements beyond just team communication. Additional software functions such as an automated workflow system and tagging for file organization allows the app to serve both as a Social Network Service and Publishing Workflow application. Collavate takes it a step further to optimize your organization’s work environment by being an Enterprise Social Network platform that can also internally streamline your workflow process to move documents towards finalization by adding active editors, reviewers, and an authorizing approval system.
Enterprise Social Network applications have quickly gained momentum for Businesses and Enterprises because they are specifically designed and loaded with features to facilitate Business operations and team collaboration. Increase your business productivity and innovative teamwork today with an Enterprise Social Network app!

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