Group Messaging with Workflow for Google Drive/Docs for Gmail users

Post feature is now available to all editions including Single and Team

Collavate’s Post feature is now officially released, and is finally available to Single and Team editions as well! In other words, you can use with your google account such as personal gmail as well.

To use Post feature, open your Collavate and click [Post] from the leftmost side-menu. From there, you can use the feature to communicate with your team members effectively.

There are two ways of using this feature. “Write a Post” is like posting on a private Facebook which you can use to share simple ideas and receive feedbacks. “Process” is a Collavate-powered workflow that allows you to draft, share, and review professional documents. If you process other documents (or receive one for your reviewal) from different menus such as Home or Process, they will automatically appear on the Post as “Process” too.

Write a Post

  1. To “Write a Post”, click [Write a Post] tab, and start typing whatever you want to.
  2. Then, type “@name” to invite certain users from your Gmail Contacts to your post.
  3. Often you will want to share a file as well. In that case, click [Add files] from the bottom-left corner and add them as you please.
  4. Since Single and Team edition are without Google Apps, they lack the function to share with everyone in your domain. Therefore, you need to make sure at step #2 to invite every user that needs to see your post.
  5. Click [Post]

Replying to a post is a similar process. You can even invite other users from your own contact!


  1. To process a file from Post menu, all you need to do is click [Process] tab
  2. Then, write comments for reviewers
  3. Attach files you want to process by clicking [Add files] from the bottom-left corner.
  4. Finally, click [Add Reviewers], and familiar processing window will take you from there.

    [TIP] When you tag with “@name” this person will become your reviewer.


Post feature comes with neat notifications that give you a bird’s eye view of your works and talks. This can be done by clicking on the bell icon at the top-right corner of your screen. You can also customize the notification settings to suit your needs.

  1. Click your profile on the top-right corner of your screen
  2. Click [Profile Update]
  3. Click [Notification Settings] tab
  4. Change notification settings as you please.Specific actions can be designated one of the four notifications (“Notification only”, “Email only”, “Notification & Email”, “None”)

Post in another example of how we continuously strive to provide our clients with more value and better tools to make your collaboration easier and more effective. We are here to assist our users with any questions. Chat with our specialists within the lower right chat box on or email us at

Thank you and Happy Collavating!

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