Collavate for Google Docs Add-on 2.0 Release

Approval workflow Collavate add-on for Google Docs and Google Sheets allows you to initiate the approval process of documents directly from the Google document that you are creating, saving you valuable time and effort.
In addition, when you install Collavate Business Suite for G Suite, add-ons are also deployed so you can use both applications and add-ons in your web browser.
The add-on feature on Collavate Add-on Now has been completely upgraded to provide a more convenient user experience. Users now have access to almost all of the electronic approval workflow for google docs without going through the Collavate app.
What’s new on Collavate Add-on 2.0?
Almost all of the workflow tasks that you can do with Collavate App are now possible through the Google Docs add-on. Here are some of the major features that have been supported by Collavate Add-on Version 2:
  • Document category can be selected
  • Due Date (deadline) can be configured
  • Save frequently used approver flows as favorite and also allows to choose from ‘My Contacts’
  • Can include recipients as Group and Group CC
  • Can submit a copy of document
  • A total of 12 languages such as English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese are now available on interface menus. 

  Collavate Add-on 1.0 (Before)
Collavate Ad-on 2.0 (After)
How to change language
Collavate add-on menu language is the same as the language on the My Profile page in the Collavate app. Therefore, if you want to change the language, simply click the  ‘Open New Window’ icon on the Add-on to go to the Collavate App, then go to the profile page to change the language.
Comparison between Add-on 2.0 vs. App
For features not available in the Collavate add-on, you can go to the Collavate app by clicking the ‘Open New Window’ icon. The following features are not supported by the Collavate add-on, but are supported by the app:.
  • Document template and ledger
  • Multiple file submission for approval
  • List of electronic approval documents and approval history list and search inquiry
  • Workflow Approval Activity and Revision History
  • Other Advanced feature and other features such as group messaging, enterprise portal, GDPR and many others are provided and available in Collavate app