Collavate PDF is released. Download as PDF, including approval information.

Collavate, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its latest feature: “PDF Conversion.” This is a great new feature that addresses two very important concerns: printing and archiving.

Picture1. Result of PDF printing document in process of approval workflow.
Left: Cover page / Right: Actual content of document.

Picture 1 above shows how a “Print as PDF” would look for a document that is going through Collavate’s approval process.

Picture 2 below explains the different parts of the cover page.
Picture 2. Collavate’s PDF cover page. 

1. Company logo

  • Your company’s logo that you uploaded to Collavate will be printed.

2. Title of the approval process

  • Subject: Title of your approval process will be printed.

3. Status of approval process

  • If your organization is using the signature option, the name and submitted/processed time will be printed with the signature. Date format follows settings in your Collavate “profile” page.

4. Carbon Copy/Group Recipients

  • If there are CC Recipients and/or Group Email Recipients, there will be one more table visualizing contents of CC Recipients and Group Email Recipients. 
  • If there are confirmations done by members of the Group Email Recipients, there will be an additional table displaying confirmation status.

5. List of documents for in the approval process

5-1. Collavate URL

  • Displayed is the direct url to Collavate’s approval page.

5-2. Document URLs

  • Displayed here is the url of documents under the approval process. If there are multiple documents, it will display all of the urls.

5-3. Reference URLs

  • Displayed here is the url of documents that were used as reference (documents that are already processed) in the approval process. Since it was only used as reference document, the PDF file will not include the document, but you will be able to access it through the url provided. (A reference file is another independent document that has gone through the approval processing and it may include its own reference files. Therefore, reference files are not included in generated PDF files.)

6. Footer

  • Footer prints Collavate’s logo, direct url link, and approval status at the time that the PDF is generated. The footers are displayed on every page, so you can use it like a digital watermark. It will also show current page of all pages.

How to use the PDF Conversion feature

1. Collavate’s main screen

Referring to picture 3 below, you can select the document that you would like to convert to PDF and click “Print (PDF) button. You will be able to download and print the file that has been converted to PDF.

Picture 3. Print(PDF) on Collavate’s main page

2. Approval Popup

Now referring to picture 4, if you click on the Print Process button in the approval popup mode, Collavate will create a PDF file that includes all of the approval information such as status, submitter, and reviewers on the cover page followed by the contents of the actual document.

Picture 4. “Print Process” button on Collavate’s approval popup. 

3. All-in-One (edit) mode

Looking at picture 5, if you click the “Print” button in Collavate’s All-in-One or edit mode, Collavate will create a PDF file that includes all of the approval information, such as status, submitter, and reviewers, on cover page followed by the contents of the actual document.

Picture 5. “Print” button in Collavate’s All-in-One (edit) mode.

The Collavate PDF Conversion feature will support both the classic and default versions fo the UI. Later, Collavate will be able to automatically save the generated PDF files to Collavate’s Document Manager’s Google Drive folder.

Thank you.