Collavate update – File Revision History, Activities and Version Control Feature releases

Now users can view changes made to their Google Drive’s files and have the ability to comment on each file activity to communicate with colleagues about workflow changes via Collavate.
Use Case Example

Kimberly’s goal is to complete a marketing plan by the end of the day. Kimberly creates Google Docs and has titled the document “Marketing Plan Third Quarter 2017”. To categorize this document with a filter tag, she adds the “Business” tag. Transparency and team collaboration is important at Kimberly’s company, therefore she asks her team to confirm that her document’s title, tags, and document content revision is suitable.
Similar to Google Drive’s file activity, Kimberly’s team will be able to see the file activity history and filter tags on the document in Collavate. Her team can comment on each activity change to confirm or discuss better approaches for their marketing plan.
The updated version of Collavate 3.10.3 makes it easy to share and discuss file activities, including creation and deletion of document files, and view added tags.
As shown in the screen above, when you click the document file on the Collavate drive menu, a pop-up appears to show the document’s activity history.
In the activity history, you can see who the file was created by, and the activity changes alongside the document. To ask a colleague for advice, simply tag your colleague in the comment under the specific activity. The above screen demonstrates an employee asking a colleague for confirmation of the ‘business’ as a tag in the 3rd quarter marketing plan.
Back on the Home menu, your discussions on file activities are shown as a post as seen in the screenshot above. Not all file activity is automatically uploaded to you as a post, but only the activities that you “like” or “mention” (such as tagging a colleague) are uploaded to the post.
To check all activities, click [My Drive] menu and click on a file to display all activity histories on that document.
Recording all history of document activity for business is crucial for company protocols and standardization, such as compliance with the ISO 9001 standard. With this feature, Collavate goes one step further and helps you to communicate with comments on the history activities.
The activity history of the document file appears as a post only for changes in Collavate. To keep track of all the history activities made directly via Google Drive, Google Docs, etc., the tracking of all Google Drive file activities are available in the Collavate DLP file for the Administrator.