Collavate’s Response to COVID-19 and Business Continuity Guarantee

As our global community rises to combat the COVID-19 outbreak together, it has become increasingly apparent that the rapidly changing market and workplace environments are affecting some companies to a greater extent than others. Businesses that once relied on in-person interaction are making a rapid switch to remote-based work environments, and some are handling this transition better than others.

Collavate’s work environment is and has been cloud-based for the last 10 years. The COVID-19 quarantine situation does not negatively impact our performance or capability to serve our customers in any way. 

To say that Collavate was built for times like these would be an understatement – we were built to help companies throughout the world adopt a cloud-based work environment. To that end we would like our customers, partners, and prospective users to know that Collavate is running at full efficiency.

The health and safety of our employees are of paramount concern because without our employees, Collavate could not effectively serve our customers. 

Globally, teams are now hosting daily meetings to keep apprised of customer concerns, provide implementation support, and to generally be a helping hand to companies during an unprecedented and unexpected global pandemic. 

Collavate is socially responsible, and conscious of the real-world issues caused by this pandemic. We want to be a lifeline for companies now struggling to make business work remotely; as we believe a thriving business contributes to a thriving global economy. 

Rest assured that Collavate has had no downtime, no disruption in business, no loss in revenue, and is strongly committed to helping each and every user gets through this unprecedented situation. Collavate will help everyone in any way we can, regardless if they are a free trial customer or a top tier enterprise customer. 

We can confidently guarantee our sustainability and survivability for a number of reasons:

  • Collavate is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System that includes contingency procedures for every conceivable incident – even a global pandemic.
  • Our security is second to none, guaranteeing that new users and people unfamiliar with remote work don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of in an unfamiliar digital world.
  • Our employees are encouraged to voice their concerns and questions to top management, and can at any time call any top management, including the CEO, to handle any customer concern or inquiry. 
  • We have in-house full-time industry experts ready to help with technology issues, workflow solutions, compliance solutions, frontend and backend fixes, and orientation. We refuse to leave anyone behind in their time of need and built our companies around that ideology. 
  • Collavates quality management system covers nearly everything a business could face and has policies that are built to drive stability in unstable times – all of which have a dedicated full-time compliance specialist ensuring the policies are up to date and responsive to crises. Some examples include:
    • Organizational Protocol and Management Risk Controls
    • A plan/do/check/act methodology to everything we do
    • Process Diagrams and Quality Objectives that ensure the highest level of quality in any situation
    • A Customer-Focused Employee Accountable Quality Policy
    • Documented Information Controls
    • Collavate Design Flow Methods that allow us to rapidly plan/build/push updates through international teams
    • Inspection and Testing Procedures that allow us to perfect our designs
    • Quality Assurance and Design Review Methods
    • Human Resources Procedures that allow employees to function as a team and autonomously with minimal stress, allowing greater focus on the customer
    • Operations Procedures that keep everyone on the same page procedurallyPurchasing Procedures that ensure fiscal responsibility and availability of resources
    • Sales Procedures that allow us to respond to market issues with generous trials and discounts
    • Internal Audit Procedures to keep us compliant
    • Nonconformance Resolution Procedures to squash bugs and issues
    • Contingency Policies and Rapid Response Directives to mitigate and avoid risk.

In closing, during a time where many companies are struggling to adopt remote-work based solutions with very little time to prepare and implement. I want to help our customers with the transition by sharing the lessons we’ve learned over the past few years as a fully cloud-based company.

Sung Wook Jung (Justin S. Jung)

CEO / Founder