Control workflow file location, now with option to keep file in original location

As the original submitter of a document workflow, it is helpful to keep track of your workflow files and always know where they are going once the Workflow Process has started for collaborative reviewing and editing.

Now you can turn off “Move this document to COLLAVATE folder” option to keep the workflow file in its original derived location. Whether you have pulled the designated workflow document from your general “My Drive” Google Drive folder, or a specific categorized folder from your Google Drive, you can simply have the Processed Document remain in its original location by unchecking the “Move this document to Collavate folder” option prior to starting the workflow process.

Disabling the “Move this document to COLLAVATE folder” feature will ensure that the document being submitted to the workflow process will not be moved to the “Collavate” folder. The submitter can locate the unmoved document in its original file location. This way, a user has control over the file location and can opt out of the file movement feature.

If the submitter chooses to enable (checkmark) the “Move this document to COLLAVATE folder” feature, the workflow document will then be moved to the “Collavate” folder from its derived file location. This feature can be useful when a user may want their submitted workflow documents to be moved to a single folder location for possible easier finding and organization.

Another way a submitter can locate files that have been submitted to the workflow process is by going to the Process menu.

  1. Go to [Process] menu tab located on the left of the Collavate screen
  2. Find “Sent Docs” and select “Submitted”
  3. Submitted workflow files are listed

Despite file locations, workflow files you have submitted can be found here.

Another way for a workflow submitter to search for files can be done within Google Drive with the unique document policy number that is generated when a document is processed for workflow.

Workflow reviewers, editors, and participants can all locate a workflow file they are involved in by searching the organization’s Document Manager’s email whom is the owner of all workflow files.

Thank you and Happy Collavating!

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