How to Build an Intranet for Google Drive

Before I dive into the topic of building an intranet, let’s begin by talking about what exactly is an intranet as well as the benefits business gain out of building an intranet. Intra means within, while net means a group of computers that share the same knowledge base. Together, intranet means a private network that is usually under one enterprise. The purpose of intranet is to distribute and share information among employees.

Now let’s discuss the benefits of intranet. Besides the easy accessibility for employees to obtain information, intranet can increase worker engagement as well as productivity. This is due to the fact that when employees log into a shared, common space on a daily basis, employees would then be well connected to each other and their tasks. With an intranet, collaboration is made easier as employees can easily share files, store conversations, reference relevant past data within the intranet, and manage information efficiently. Other benefits of an intranet include being able to see related employee’s schedules at one glance through shared calendar, having virtual meetings, and improving vendor relationships through by inviting them to the intranet.

Aside from what were mentioned above, the main components of an intranet consist of file sharing among employees. Furthermore, an intranet provides the space for employees to communicate without disturbing the workflow of employees unrelated to the project. 

Therefore, announcement making becomes convenient with an intranet as the post-maker notifies everyone who needs to know the information by posting in the intranet.
So now, let’s discuss how to construct an intranet. Intranet is made easier through the app Collavate, which collaborates with Google. All you need are four steps:
1. You create a group in Collavate for your team, department, project or any topic.

2. Then you can make a widget based on the group and embed to your website as an intranet. For details on this step, visit here. Also, see example here: Collavate Sample Intranet

3. Now you will have a team Google Drive that stores all the files posted within the group. You can access the Drive by clicking the blue icon with the Google Drive symbol under Manage Group. For sharing settings and details on this step, visit here. 

4. Now you can post all you would like and even share your calendar with your teammates!

Try Collavate free for your G Suite or Gmail account. Visit Collavate website for more information.