Incorporating Google Document Workflow in the Workplace

Boosting employee productivity is vital to a building a successful business. Recent surveys from Tinypulse and SAP highlight the major factors that contribute to employee engagement: appreciation for the work, good relationships with superiors, and learning and career development. In order to maintain employee happiness, processes such as providing feedback and filing paperwork must be streamlined.
One way to allow your employees to spend more time on meaningful work is workflow automation.

Collavate is directly integrated into Google Drive, allowing your employees to submit Google Docs directly in workflow processes. This not only allows you to incorporate workflow automation on a secure platform, but also allows you to continue to enjoy the functionality of Google Drive. Employees can create and organize documents on Google Drive, submit them for review, and then easily collaborate on edits through Collavate’s built in comment feature.

Collavate also allows your employees to determine their own workflow process, ensuring greater encouragement and control. Your employees understand the amount of time taken for each process and can easily identify the stress points and difficulties of different tasks. Collavate allows employees to pick reviewers that can best provide feedback and automatically sends notifications upon submission. This reduces the amount of time employees spend on sending emails and following up with superiors regarding assigned tasks.