Ivy Foundation Case Study

The Ivy Foundation of St. Louis functions as a philanthropic arm for the Omicron Eta Omega chapter, offering financial assistance to the community.

The Ivy Foundation found Collavate to provide the optimal solution to generating financial voucher request approvals. With committees of up to fifty members, the Ivy Foundation required a complex sign-off system in which each voucher required a timestamp and a physical signature. Collavate provided an intricate system that fit that need—the workflow automation software created an efficient, streamlined approval process that allowed members to receive notifications and submit entries in sequential order.

Angela Rankin-Jones, a representative of the technology committee of the Ivy Foundation expressed that “Collavate’s approval history summary, downloadable in excel format, provided a detailed compilation of date/time and information parameters necessary for financial tax audits”. This was a key feature for the Ivy Foundation, as it provided supporting documentation and validated payments and reimbursements to different committee leaders. This custom reporting function expedited financial management for the Ivy Foundation and ultimately reduced resource and time wastage on file organization and record-keeping.

The Ivy Foundation’s workflows followed similar patterns of approval for up to fifty members. With Collavate’s template capability, the organization could easily organize members in templates to follow intricate processes of approval. Then, the template could be used to generate unlimited new workflows with the same team members and order of approval.

Overall, implementing Collavate was instrumental to organizing committees and managing and validating financial transactions. Collavate’s workflow approval and template capabilities resulted in improved efficiency and expedited processes for the Ivy Foundation.