Reinvented User Guide makes Collavate easier to learn for New Users!

Collavate cares about our users, and prioritizes making our users feel comfortable, and at ease with using our management application. We prevail the new and reinvented User Guide in great efforts to facilitate the navigation of Collavate, and the learning process that may go into our application when first operating our system.

We are confident that our application is user-friendly and with this new guide, new Collavate users will be guided on how to operate Collavate for business and personal advantages. Our goal is to allow consumers to use our product in benefits to managing documents and files as well as making the workflow of conducting business easy. With the new user guide, organizations and individuals will be able to navigate through Collavate with complete confidence in no time.

We cater to all of our Users and would like both new and current users to take a look at the guide to clear up any questions. The guide clarifies from start to end. Any questions that consumers may have such as: How to Start Collavate, How to change Settings, How Features are used, and much more can all be found in our guide.

Collavate: Collaborative Working, Made Simple
Cloud-based Document and Workflow Management

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