Streamline Your Workflow in Google Sheets Using Collavate Add-on

Collavate, Inc.

March 18, 2015

Sunnyvale, California. Collavate, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of Collavate’s Google Sheet Add-on!


# What is Collavate’s Add-on for Google Sheets?
The Collavate’s Add-on for Google Sheets enables users to fully utilize the effective workflow management functions of Collavate on Google Sheets.  Now you can more easily and efficiently submit documents for processing while enjoying the full features of Collavate.

# Features
1.  Use Collavate’s features (workflow design) on Google Sheets.
2.  Streamline workflow processes without using emails or swapping USB drives.
3.  Find documents being processed under the “Process” menu on Collavate’s main page.
4.  Automatically transfer document ownership to the designated Document Manager in organizations.

# How to Install and Use
1. Install directly from the “Add-ons” tab in Google Sheets: 
Open a Google Sheet, go to ‘Add-ons’ menu, click ‘Get add-ons’ to visit the Add-on Store and enter ‘collavate’ on search bar:
[Install Collavate from ‘Add-ons’ tab]

2.  Install from the Google Sheets Add-on Store link:
You need to initially grant access so the Collavate Add-on menu can be added on your Google Sheets.

[Install Collavate from Google Sheets Add-on Store]

3. Start Collavating on Google Sheets by going to [Add-ons > Collavate > Start].

[Start Collavating in Google Sheets]
4. Add collaborators to the workflow. You can add any user with an email ID and give authority to view, or edit the document to the users. Each number represents sequential order, which means that users on number 2 will receive the document after users on number 1 approve the document (see below).

[Two types of Workflow: Vertical, and Horizontal]

5. Once workflow users are configured, you can add a comment and then broadcast a document to request for review and approval (see below).


6. Collavate Add-on can be utilized as an extension of Collavate application. You can identify the workflow status and history to get the bird’s eye view of the documents.


To learn more, watch a short tutorial video:

or just try out Collavate today at!

Thank You,
The Collavate Team.


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