Customer Case Study: ThePromise (Global Non-Governmental Organization)

ThePromise ( is a Non-Governmental Organization that helps provide better opportunities in underdeveloped countries. After raising funds in Korea or international NGOs, we support the construction of schools in countries like Miyanmar, Democratic Republic of East Timor, India, and Nepal.

In an organization like ThePromise that strives to deliver hope to the world, let’s see how Collavate is used to help their cause.

How was Collavate implemented?

Most of projects in ThePromise are ran abroad. However, since most of the countries’ internet infrastructure is not stable it is difficult to have smooth flow of work normally.

To mitigate this problem, we were in need of a Electronic Workflow System where people can upload documents and get them reviewed/approved easily.

What was the reason to select Collavate?

We were already using an Workflow System; however, it was not suitable in international setting, and it’s inability to integrate with Email that were proved to be very inconvenient.

Therefore, Google Apps for Work was selected as our work platform for its accessibility from anywhere in the world. Collavate was chosen since it can be used efficiently with the Google Platform.

What were the effects of using Collavate?

1. Improved Work Efficiency
: People can see their documents for approval through any device including PC, Mobile, making the workflow progress twice as fast as the previous way.

2. Smooth work process abroad
: With the connection to the internet, our global office can submit documents for approval with just a few clicks. The easy system where our local employees can use allows for faster and more efficient work.

3. Reduced Maintenance Cost
: When previously we had to use Groupwares and Email making our spending redundant. With the implementation of Collavate we could cut the cost by half.

4. Fast Customer Service
: It is very easy to get help from Collavate by using the real-time chatting located at the bottom right corner of the screen. With the fast feedback we were able to familiarize all the employee with Collavate, thus reducing the workload of our support team.

A Message to Collavate Team…

Maybe having a dedicated Collavate mobile application would be more comfortable.

We are very happy that our motto “We drive your Collaboration” is meeting its expectaion with ThePromise that carries its mission worldwide. We hope that we can continue contributing to ThePromise’s effort to make the world a better place.

Collavate Mobile Version is being provided in the form of Web Application instead of a dedicated Mobile Application. This is to make the updates to Collavate be directly applied to the mobiles pages instead of having a separate development for the mobiles version.

You can also use the web application like a normal application by making a shortcut to the age, so please try out Collavate Mobile.

Thank you,
Collavate Team

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