Access Process Approval directly from Google Docs

Documents can easily be submitted for review directly from your Google Docs or Google Sheets Add-Ons tab when you download the Collavate add-on. Though the approval process is not Collavate’s only great feature, it is a commonly used feature that can be accessed from your Google Document at your convenience. A Collavate sidebar menu will appear to the right of your document when you access the Add-on.

Quick Access Collavate Sidebar Menu

Above your document, find the [Add-ons] tab > Select [Start] and the Collavate workflow process sidebar menu will appear to the right of your document. This sidebar can be utilized to tag your documents, add reviewers, and leave a comment for your reviewers when you submit the document for approval.

Create and add tags to your document with the sidebar!

Process Approval

  1. Add reviewers
  2. Select access privileges of reviewers
  3. Leave a message for your approvers
  4. Option to maintain initial access privileges to document for reviewers and yourself
  5. Submit for Approval

We would like to inform our users that the Process Approval can be easily accessed directly through Google Docs or Google Sheets with the add-on.  This can easily be missed as it is neatly within the Add-On tab menu, so we would like to make this conveniently transparent to all Collavate users.

If you install Collavate Business edition, your google apps users do not need to individually install Add-Ons, as it will be automatically installed to all of users within your domain. For more information about the installation process, click here.

Please enjoy!

-The Collavate Team

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