Templates: The way to work faster

Your time is valuable. We want you to be able to delegate your time towards  important matters rather than spending more-than-needed time on documents and paperwork.

We want to save you as much time as we can from beginning to end of a process workflow. From creation to publication, we want to show you all the shortcuts that can help our users save time.

Templates will save you time with documents you often draft. Templates allow users to focus on the necessary information needed for input rather than spending time redrafting the skeleton outline each time.

Save a format of the outline format once and reuse it as many times as needed. Best part– It’ll be accessible within a click! You can create your own desired templates to personally use or use shared templates that your Collavate Administrator sets for your domain.

That’s not all! Collavate understands that users often find yourself working with the same team or line of reviewers. Our templates saves more than just your template file(s). They are able to save your line of reviewers, tags, and file attachments! A template can contain multiple files for relevant documents that may go along with a template.

e.g. Business Plan, Sales Outline, Report Spreadsheet

Vacation or time-off forms serve as great templates as well. Any form that may be used several times by individuals should be set as a template. Once created and set, it will be there ready for you the next time you need it.

Fill in information and skip ahead to process! The changes are flexible. All templates will make you a separate copy to work on, so you can make all the changes you need to and it will not affect the original template.

Collavate administrators of Business and Enterprise editions can create, edit, and delete Shared Templates for all organization users. All users can create personal templates!

Templates are a way to work faster. We highly encourage our users to utilize them as they are proven to be efficient and effective.

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