Collavate REST API 2.0 Release

Hello this is Collavate Team. 

To enable more people to collaborate through Collavate, we have released Collavate REST API 2.0.

Embed a list of processed documents and their review status using Collavate REST API. Two way communication with various web applications such as ERP, SCM, CRM is also possible.

[Collavate API Explorer Screen]

If you use Collavate REST API, you can link Collavate’s Workflow function to company’s different internal systems including web, mobile, ERP, CRM, or SCM. Here are a few examples.

1. You can list processed documents in your company’s internal system and sort them by their review state.

2. If you select a document that is under “Review”, you can approve or reject the document without having to go to Collavate.

3. Since you can view the review documents in the system that you use everyday, your workflow process can be more efficient.

As mentioned above, you can load Collavate’s workflow templates (personal and shared) to start a review process. You can also check the review status in an outside application.

Previously, only Enterprise Edition users were able to access Collavate API. From now on, all Collavate users can access and use Collavate API.

To summarize, Collavate REST API 2.0 provides the following features:

  • You can create your own list of Collavate Review Document list on an outside application by importing the list from Collavate with the status.
    • The workflow status includes: Documents that you received(including the ones that are still under review after you have taken action), and the documents that you have submitted(also including the ones that are not finished).
  • You can import detailed information about Collavate’s process list.
  • You can still approve, reject, agree, disagree, or even reset your workflow processes remotely.
  • You can view list of your personal templates and domain’s shared templates and move directly to Collavate’s Template edit page.

We hope that the release of Collavate REST API 2.0 will lead to development of various programs that can increase the efficiency of our clients and partners’ daily workflow.

You would even be able to introduce and sell the new applications built using Collavate REST API 2.0 through Collavate’s Marketplace.

To access the Collavate API documentation and to learn more about Collavate API Standards and Terms, click here.


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