Collavate Update: Mobile Version updates for Social Posting and easy external Remote- Drive user Invitation

Mobile devices are vital to staying connected when out of the office. To ensure users are kept up-to-date with business operations, and can conveniently collaborate from their mobile device, it has been our mission to better our mobile web version.

Collavate is proud to announce we have made the application more mobile friendly and enhanced by implementing 2 major updates to the mobile version: Social Posting, Upgrades for Remote-Drive users, and other minor fixes.

  1. Collavate Mobile edition upgrade with Social Posting


To correspond with our web application updates, the mobile version Collavate “Home” platform contains Social Networking features for team communication. This platform is now accessible from the mobile web browser.

To see Collavate mobile upgrades:
In your mobile browser, go to and click login, or enter the collavate app webaddress link: and login to your google account.

Similar to the desktop version, Collavate mobile users can write posts and attach images to share to all domain users, or choose to privately post and only share with tagged users.

To tag users within a post via mobile, use the @ symbol followed by their email address (e.g. and press “enter” or “return” on your mobile device keyboard. The email address you have tagged to be notified of the post will be confirmed by a blue outline as seen in the example image. Tagging users within comments of a post is done the same way.

The “Process” menu contains all workflow documents. Users can use the drop-down menu located within the process menu to select categorized workflow files from: All Docs, To Be Reviewed, In-Progress, Submitted, Approved, Rejected Docs, and more.

Prior to the mobile updates, the former Home platform served as a viewer of a user’s Google Drive files. This function can now be found under the “My Drive” menu.

The “Create” button allows creation of new Google docs, sheets, folders and other files.

2. Unique address (URL) for Remote drive accounts

All Business / Enterprise edition users will now be assigned a unique collavate web address link to their domain. (e.g. a corporate domain will be able to directly access their collavate domain with the web address

Therefore, remote drive users no longer need to navigate through a drop down menu for your company collavate domain. This provides two benefits expanded below:

2-1. Remote-Drive users access your Collavate domain with your unique web address

Previously, outside users such as clients needing access to a company’s collavate domain, had to navigate through a set of options and locate the correct company to begin collaboration.

Now, a company using Collavate can simply send the link of their company collavate url to remote-drive users to access the correct domain with just one click.

2-2. Collavate Admins can easily send invite to remote users

A Collavate admin can send the link to their company Collavate domain to outside users such as  freelancers, freelancers or other outside users can then enter in their email address to request access permissions to your company Collavate workspace.

If the user is from an outside account or remote-drive user, then the user’s screen viewing will appear as below.

3. Newly designed License Center

The design of Collavate License Center has been greatly improved. We have made adjustments to previous existing designs that may have caused inconveniences. Now, with the newly designed center Collavate clients can make direct payments online and manage licenses.

4. Other fixes

With this update, we have also fixed and addressed minor bugs and patched other bugs. The Collavate team is dedicated to continuing the advancements of the Collavate application and providing reliable service. We strive to meet your customer satisfaction backed with our support team. For an inquiries, please contact us at

We thank our users and are happy to provide updates to Collavate!