Privately Post to Directly Message other Users

In the Collavate application, the Home is a social networking platform for users to communicate, share ideas, and collaborate with team members in an organization. The default setting of a post is to share the post with the Domain. When sharing a post with the Domain, the post is broadcasted to all users in the organization on their Home activity feed. Sharing posts with the Domain is great for, but not limited to: announcements, sharing ideas, and reaching out for input. However, sharing a post to the entire domain is not always preferred. Often times, collaboration on a project or document may only involve certain team members.

Post only to tagged users

To share a post privately to directly message other user(s) without broadcasting the post to the entire domain, change your share setting of the post to “Only Me”.

Tag team members with the “@” symbol followed by their name or email address to enable viewing of your private post. Tagged users will be notified that they were tagged in your post and the post will appear specifically on their Home activity because they were tagged. Other domain users that are not tagged will not be able to view the post.

A Post with the share setting set to “Only Me” with tagged user(s) in the post will privately post only to mentioned users. This Private setting on posts is great for collaborations that only involve specific colleagues or team members. Later on, if an additional team member needs to be added to the post, simply tag another user with the “@” command within the comments of the post. The tagged user will be notified and will be able to view the private post.

Happy communicating and collavating!

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