[Update Notice] Now Available: Customization of the Name of Menus and Functions

Hello Collavate Users!

We are pleased to announce our end of May updates. The two updates described below reflect our continuing efforts to listen to you and to provide you with the solutions you want and need.

1. Label Management.  This new feature allows you to customize the name of menus and functions to better suit your specific uses.

2. Departmental User Management.  This feature, accessible through the Admin Panel, allows the domain admin to arrange and track users by departments.

1.  Label Management:  Customize the name of menus and functions in Collavate.

The domain administrator can use the “Label Management” feature by going to the [Administrator > Custom View] window.  There, each of the main menu’s buttons can be customized to the specific needs of your organization.

Honeycam 2015-05-27 12-45-53.gif

The admin can make changes to the following 6 different categories:

1. Main Screen’s Menu and Buttons: Home, Process, Upload, Create and more;
2. Process Menu Button: Agree, Approve, Reject, Process and more;
3. Status: Approved, Review, Draft, Rejected and more;
4. Process Notification Mail’s Title;
5. Process Menu’s Reviewer Label: CC, Group CC, and more; and
6. Terms when converting a document in to PDF: Submitter, Reviewer, Parallel Reviewer, and more.

Let’s take a closer look at how to use the label management feature.
For example, to change the “Agree” button in the process screen to “Accept,” do the following:

1) First, move to to the “Label Management” menu by clicking on the [Administrator ▶ Custom View ▶ Label Management].

[Custom View: Label Management Screen]

2) Click your desired menu language.

[Changing Language Settings]

3) Move to the [Process] tab which has the “Agree” button we want to change, make the changes, and click the [Save] button.

[Saving the new label]

4) By checking the Process screen you can see that the “Agree” button to “Accept”.
[Changed Label Screen : “Agree” ▶ “Accept”]

* To get a preview of the label changes click on “Question Mark.”
[Question Mark that Describes Each Item in Detail]

By using the Label Management feature,  you can optimize the labels to create more user-friendly, organization specific UI.

For example, when used in an Educational setting, you could change the “Process” button to “Submit” so that it is more familiar to students when submitting materials to their instructors.

label posting.png

2. Departmental User Management
[Departmental User Management] option has been added to [Administrator ▶ User Management].

User Management.png
[User Management Screen: Before and After]

By clicking the departments in the organization chart on the left, you can view users by department. Previously, you could only view the entire list of users without departments. But now, you can categorize users by department, making it easy to manage your users.

We are working on many more improvements, so look for our next update announcement next month!  Until then, keep on Collavating, and keep on giving us your valuable feedback!

Thank you,

Your Collavate Team.

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