[Update Notice] New Process Sorting Menu, Advanced Search in File Attachments, and Automatic Signature Image Re-sizing.

Hello Collavate Users,

Summer is coming, and we have some exciting new updates that will improve your Collavate experience.

1. New Sorting Option for Processed Files.

“Approved” and “Rejected” sorting menus have been added to the “Process” menu.  Now, all processed documents will get sorted into these two directories, and you can search for them much more efficiently and effectively.

2. Advanced Search Option for Attaching Files

Now you have more options when searching for an existing document to attach. This makes searching for the right document much easier.

Here are three steps to attach multiple documents to start the approval process.

1) Create a new document in Collavate and, to add another document, select “Existing Document” after clicking on the [+] button on the File List on the upper right corner.
2) Search for documents in your Collavate Drive by clicking on the [▼] button on the top to scroll through your existing documents in the pop-up window.
3) Then, you can search for documents by their status in the approval process: Draft, In Review, Approved, or Rejected.

3. Attaching Processed Documents

With this new release, you can attach a document that is already processed. Collavate automatically creates a copy of the document and attaches the file for you.

4. Automatic Re-sizing of Signature Images

Now when you are adding a signature image file to your profile, you don’t have to resize the image. Collavate will re-size it for you.

Try out our new features, and let us know what you think.  

Thank you.

Your Collavate Team.


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