Collavate 5.0 – eSignature with approval by email.

Collavate 5.0 adds a new feature to automatically convert a submitted document to a PDF, and attaches it to your Collavate notification email. This allows you to review and approve immediately without logging in to Collavate on your phone, tablet, or desktops.

Collavate offers a wide variety of document process review and approval methods for your convenience. We support document approval requests directly on our website, review and approval on mobile via email, in the Gmail app, or directly approve with our add-ons for Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

With Collavate 5, the processed document is converted to PDF in real time and attached to the notification email. From there, the approver can open the PDF on any smartphone such as an iPhone or Android device to comment, sign, and approve or reject. This function must be turned on in the administrator settings as shown in the following screens.

PDF attachments are very useful for document processes requiring a signed copy of any form or contract. You can check the approval process as a PDF on an iPad, tablet, or mobile device, then add comments and signatures, reviewing documents like you would with a printed copy.

Here’s how to enable this feature:

(1) Check the Collavate approval notification email on your smartphone or tablet. (2) Open the PDF file attached to the email and add a signature. (The PDF file drawing tool function may differ depending on the device you are using.) (3) After signing, type ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ in English as a reply to the e-mail and add a comment below it. When you send the document, the signed PDF file and comments are uploaded to the submission post, and approval/rejection is processed.

* Note: In order to use this function, Collavate admin needs to enable ‘Approval by Email reply and Process PDF attachment in Email under ‘Admin > Process’ page