[Collavate Update] Advanced Search, Custom Menu Setting, and More

Hello Collavate Users.

Collavate is proud to announce its feature update! Please check out our many new features and improvements, and please tell us what you think.

1.  Advanced Search

Before the release of Collavate’s new Advanced Search feature, finding a document was sometimes like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Often times searches would return too many results to be practically useful.  

[Collavate Advanced Search Screen]
Now with Advanced Search, you can filter the results using various categories such as title, ownership, persons with whom the document was shared, and etc.  This allows you to more efficiently and accurately search for documents.

In the case of submitted documents, you can filter them by owner, submitted date, and process status, to narrow the field to only the wanted document.

2. Custom View: Customized Menu Setup – Administrator Setting
Each company has its own requirements and standards.  It has its own distintive look and feel.  Now, with Collavate’s “Custom View” feature, the selected administrator can customize the domain’s menu setup to best meet the needs of the organization.
The “Custom View” menu is located in the Administrator Setting where the administrator can disable features that are not used frequently.

[Custom View menu direction]

With Custome View, the administrator can activate or deactivate the “Reports”, “Google Shortcut”, and/or “Upload” menus so that team members have only necessary features on the menu.

[Reports, Google Shortcut, Upload menu activation/deactivation]

3.  Remote Drive User Mode: Addition of “Duplicate Files” Option
Collate’s Remote Drive Feature, which enables users from different domains, such as Gmail or an outside domain, to collaborate within the organization, is becoming even more powerful with the addition of the “Duplicate Files” functions.
Now, the administrator can activate the “Duplicate Files” feature in the Remote Drive Menu so that outside users invited into the organization can duplicate files that are created within the organization.

[Newly added “Duplicate files” option]

With this enhancements, the administrator can now grant outside users the following privileges:
• Create document and files
• Create Process
• Set Security Level
• View organization Chart
• Show domain shared tags
• Show shared templates
• Upload documents and files
• Duplicate files

We hope that these improvements will enhance your Collavating experience.  Your opinions are always important to us, so please provide us with any comments or suggestions you may have by emailing us at sfa@collavate.com.  

Thank you.

Your Collavate Team

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