COLLAVATE Webinar: Learn How to Design More Structured Workflow, and Better Collaborate with COLLAVATE.

“Most people today use some type of Cloud based application or storage at work that allows sharing and collaboration.  And while just sharing and working together on documents may be adequate for individual users, they are not enough to meet an organization’s many growing needs.

For instance, for organizations that require hierarchical processing, the absence of a vertical workflow function may hinder efficient work processes.  Moreover, as documents are an important part of an organization’s information assets, not having centralized control of such assets may be hazardous to an organization’s information asset security.”

This is where COLLAVATE comes in.  

COLLAVATE is a Cloud-based workflow and document management solution that focuses on efficient document workflow management, centralized document control and document access and security control.  We also have a tagging feature that allows or easy classification, filing and retrieval, as well as horizontal and parallel approval processes.

Learn how you can use COLLAVATE to enhance your workflow and productivity at our Webinar on April 23, 2015!  In this Webinar, we will be focusing on what COLLAVATE does and how it can streamline your document workflow processes. We will cover the following topics:

–  What is COLLAVATE?
–  How to Design a Structured Workflow Process with COLLAVATE
–  COLLAVATE Use Cases

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We look forward to seeing you there!


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