Register for a Free Webinar “Systemized Sharing for Better Collaboration” (October 29, 2015)

Register for a Free Webinar
“Systemized Sharing for Better Collaboration”
October 29, 2015
With sharing becoming the everyday work practice, more and more documents and files are being shared. However, sharing has to be done more systematically to reduce workload and focus on core goals. Find out how to increase productivity of your business with Collavate Specialist’s use case demo.
In this webinar, you will learn:
  • A systematic way to create contents with integrated sharing and approval process
  • Tagging as a time saving tool by categorizing documents in Google Drive
  • Automatic document centralization as a way to keep important business data
  • New updates! UI Improvements and advanced features of the NEW Collavate  
For your convenience, we have prepared three timeslots. To register, select the seat that is the most convenient for you.
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10/29 Thursday
10:00am PDT (GMT -7h)
10/29 Thursday
10:00am CET (GMT +1h)
10/29 Thursday
2:00 pm KST (GMT +9h)

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